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How to register on LIC website to make online payments

How to register on LIC website to make online payments

Registering on LIC website is a 3 step process which is quite easy and free. Registered users can avail several services like making online premium payments, viewing and downloading online premium payment reciepts, enrolling other policies etc.

Following steps will guide you how to register on LIC website to avail these services anytime and from anywhere.

Step 1
Log-on to www.licindia.in and click on the link "New User".

Step 2
Enter your policy details for verification purpose and then click on "Proceed" button

Step 3
Choose your desired User ID and Password and click on "Submit" button. Kindly take care of User ID and Password conditions mentioned on this page.

Congratulations, you have just registered on LIC website and you will now see a "Welcome" screen as below:

After updating your profile, you can avail several services like:
  • Pay your premium online.
  • View and Download online premium payments receipts. 
  • View and Download online premium paid statement.
  • You can also Enroll your other policies to this account.

Log-in Again
In order to Log-in again, you need to go to www.licindia.in and follow these steps:

1. Click on the link "Online Services"

2. Click on "Registered User" and login with your User Id and Password.

*** To buy a new LIC policy call Vikas 99111-70785 *** 

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